Water Cannon 17.0172 Four Fan Nozzle Pack - 4.0 Orifice

Water Cannon 17.0172 Four Fan Nozzle Pack - 4.0 Orifice

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Water Cannon
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These HydroJet color coded, hardened stainless steel nozzles fit most 1/4" quick couplers. Rated for 5000 PSI, They are ISO 9001:2000 certified. The most accurate long-life nozzles on the market today.

How to select the correct nozzle for the pressure washing task.Pressurewasher spray nozzles are conveniently color coded so you can select thestraight zero degree which is red or a fan degree nozzle which areangled nozzles. The angled nozzles come in 3 dispersed angle pattern,the 15 degree is yellow, 25 degree is green and the white 40 degree hasthe widest angle for the high pressure nozzles.
When choosing an angled nozzle consider the concentration of pressure you want on the surface for example;

Additional Information
•A 15 degree yellow nozzle packs the most power and would be a goodchoice for cleaning off bubble gum, oil stains, baked on grease from aBBQ grill or any stubborn stain.
•The 25 degree nozzle is the most widely used because it has enoughconcentrated power for most jobs and covers a slightly wider patternthan the yellow nozzle. Select the 25 degree green for washing paintedsurfaces, concrete, pool decks, or other standard surfaces that needcleaning.
•Wider fan 40 degree white nozzle is a great choice for general washdownjobs, screens, lawnmowers, cars and other surfaces where control of thepressure is more important than powerful blasting.
•Chemical injector 65 degree black low pressure nozzles activate thedownstream chemical/soap injectors and the wide broadcast pattern coversa lot of terrain fast. These nozzles can be purchased individually or in low cost convenient packages of 4 or 5 different degree angles.

• Color coded caps 
• EZ alignment tabs 
• 5000 PSI pressure rated 
• Precision orifice designed for consistent performance 
• High grade stainless steel body ensuring extra long life 
• Long wearing roll stamped markings 
• Includes: 15-25-40-65 degrees

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