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Rustoleum 1685830 14oz. Cold Galvanizing Compound 1600 System Compound Spray

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Touch up galvanized surfaces with Rust-Oleum Industrial Choice® 1600 System Galvanizing Compound Spray. This 93% pure zinc coating provides maximum corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion and durability on galvanized metal.

Additional Information
  • Dries fast—20 minutes to the touch; withstands heat to 200° F
  • Use to touch-up/repair galvanized ducts, storage tanks, fences, gutters, etc.
  • Performance offset to Federal Specifications DOD-P-21035A; MIL-P-26915C
  • Meets USDA requirements for incidental food contact
  • For large projects, apply using the Industrial Choice® Spray Grip
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