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Dewalt SDS Max Drill Bits (Multiple Sizes Available)

by DeWalt
Original price $29.62 - Original price $40.26
Original price
$29.62 - $40.26
Current price $29.62
SKU 527402

Featuring a carbide tip that maximizes surface contact and a U-flute to clear debris, DEWALT SDS Max Masonry Drill Bits aren’t just fast, they’re ultra-durable. An open-head design channels dust into flutes for efficient drilling, and a hardened core helps to reduce bit breakage.

Additional Information
  • DEWALT carbide tip design maximizes carbide surface contact for longer bit life
  • U-Flute cleans debris out for fast, efficient drilling.
  • Open head design channels dust into flutes for quicker drilling.
SKU Model
527402 DW5803
527403 DW5804