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Drillco Cutting Tools 400N Heavy Duty Nitro Drill Bits (Multiple Sizes Available)

Original price $1.50 - Original price $10.53
Original price
$1.50 - $10.53
Current price $1.67
SKU 533412

Manufactured from a premium grade of M-7N molybdenum high speed steel.˜ the Nitro Heavy Duty 135 degree Split Point drill with a Nitride surface treatment that give a hard protective layer to the drill (increases hardness without increasing brittleness) which is measurably harder than high speed steel.˜ Body and clearance are gold and black surface treated for maximum lubricity.˜ Recommended for use in stainless steel and other hard metal drilling.

Additional Information
  • Sizes: Fractional
  • Material: High Speed Steel
  • Finish/Coating: Black & Gold
  • Cat: Drills
SKU Model
533412 400N108
533413 400N109
533416 400N112
533418 400N114
533420 400N116
533422 400N118
533424 400N120
533428 400N124
533341 400N132